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We’re closely following the latest info regarding COVID-19 and the requirements for group gatherings set out by government officials. For continued updates check back here and follow Newport First Baptist on Facebook.

  • Stay Connected
    Be sure to stay connected with each other throughout the week. Make phone calls. Text. Video chat. If health and state guidelines allow, visit and share a meal. Just because we are limited in our normal gatherings does not mean we are limited in our loving.
  • Kids Church
    Our Kids Team is partnering with ShareFaith kids to bring you a daily devotional full of encouragement and fun activities. Be sure to make time as a family to learn together as your kids AND you keep growing into disciples from the ground up.
  • Small Groups
    Small Groups will continue to take place, either live or online, depending on the situation. Our Small Group Leaders are preparing to take groups ONLINE if needed. We’re praying that community will strengthen throughout this season instead of becoming fragmented.​ 7am Prayer - Doors will remain open. We will adjust as needed. Tuesday Morning Men's at McDonalds - Determined weekly contact Duncan Lunch Ladies - Determined weekly contact Erin Immortals Youth Group - No Immortals March 19 or 26. Dates following TBD​
  • Reach out
    Requests for help - financial and supplies - are increasing as the days progress. We are looking at ways we can love our community from resources to picking up supplies and delivering them to those whose health or age limits their exposure to the public. If you would like to be part of the crew on call to put feet to the love or have other ideas on how we can reach out, call us to let us know. We are collecting resources for vulnerable people in our community. You can call the church office to arrange a time to drop off. (509)447-4082 Some items needed: - Baby supplies: Formula, diapers & wipes - Paper products: paper towels, tissues, toilet paper - Staples: flour, sugar, rice, pasta, ramen, powdered milk, canned foods, potatoes, bread, etc - Illness remedies: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cold/cough medicine - Pet food (canned & dry)
  • Give
    The Online Giving platform is the best way to continue faithfully giving and being part of the mission of Newport First Baptist in this season.
  • How else can I make a difference?
    STAY: Stay connected. Stay busy at what God has asked you to be doing. And then just the runbber-meets-the-road part: if you or anyone in your family is experiencing flu-like symptoms, stay home from any small group gatherings and stay connected through technology until you are well. PRAY: Pray for our community and our church family. Pray for peace and wisdom and health. Pray that God will be glorified through the lives and hearts of His children as we do our best to love. We’d also love to pray for you. Submit a prayer request, and we will pray with you!
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Invite people to church online and small groups. We’ve never been a church that existed solely in the walls of a building. Together, we can bring hope to people when the world around us feels like chaos.

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