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Living Life on Mission - Ruth

Now is the Time
Start where you are
It Takes Consistent Work
The Ripples of God's Grace
Opportunity Opening Obedience
There are No Shortcuts
The Right of First Refusal
Rejoice in the Restorer

August - October 2018

But God...

But God - Teen Challenge.png

September 14, 2018

A Formula for Success

Formula for Success.png

September 7, 2018

Becoming a People of Praise

Understand its Power
Knowing its Purpose
Passionate Praise Prescribed

July - August 2018

Not a Fan

What's Your Relationship
For Jesus it's More than Knowing
Jesus, Our One & Only
How Much Does it Hurt

June - July 2018

Untapped Power of Prayer

God's Powerhouse
Learning to Pray
Life-changing prayers 1
Life-changing prayers 2

May - June 2018

Grace is Greater

Grace is greater
Than Mistakes and Hurts
Than Weakness
Than Circumstances
Than Sickness
Than Unforgiveness

April - May 2018

Glimpses of Grace

It's for Everyone
Freedom is Grace's Call
Grace Releases Rights
Grace Frees Us FOR
The Outcome: A Grace-filled Church

February - March 2018

Grace Changes Everything

Who's On First
The Grace Test
Embracing Grace
Grace Filled Relationships
Grace Changed Heart
Changed by Grace
Grace Awakening

January -February 2018

A Case Study


God's Compass
Heart Issues
Defeating the Intimidation Monster
Compromise's Consequences
Deeper Deception
Zombie Faith
Defeating the Discouragement Dragon
Make Room at the Table
Lullaby of Lukewarm Laziness
Sermon Button - Out of Phase2 copy (1)

April - July 2019

2 Corinthians 9:5 -16

The Blessings of Christmas

Mary's Story
Joseph's Story
Herod's Story
Shepherd's Story
Jesus' Story
Wise Men's Story

December 2017

The abundance of 


November 2017

Let's Get Going

Get going 22
Get going 21
Get going 20
Get going 19
Get going 18
Get going 17
Get going 16
Get going 15
Get going 14
Get going 13
Get going 12
Get going 11
Get going 10
Get going 9
Get going 8
Get going 7
Get going 6
Get going 5
Get going 4
Get going 3
Get going 2
Get going 1

June - November 2017

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves me #1
Jesus Loves me #2
Jesus Loves me #3

April - May 2017

Standards of 


April 2017

I Will Live


I Will Live In-Between #1
I Will Live In-Between #2
I Will Live In-Between #3
I Will Live In-Between #4
I Will Live In-Between #5
I Will Live In-Between #6
I Will Live In-Between #7
I Will Live In-Between #8
I Will Live In-Between #9
I Will Live In-Between #10

January - March 2017

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