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2020 Sermons

A Submissive Heart - Mary
A Surrendered Will - Joseph
An Unprepared Life - Herod
A Seeking and Saying - Shepherds
Good News for all Man - Magi
A Father's Provision - God

Nov 2020 - January 2021

Redefined - Poor in Spirit
Redefined - Measure of Mourning
Redefined - Meek

September - November 2020

Putting the Unity into Community

August 2020


August 2020

The Standard
Faith over Fear
Faith over Fear pt 2
The "F" Factor
The 3D Dungeon
Grounding the Flight of the Bumblebee
Get Up!

July - August 2020

Powered for Purpose
Made for Method
A Tale to Tell
A Father's Love
Fishermen and Farmers

June 2020

Our Sacrifice
Our Pride
Our Bent Knees
Our Praise Proclaimed
Our Willing Witness

April- May 2020

Getting Even More Benefits
Getting the Benefits of the Resurrection
Getting Busy
Getting Refurbished
Getting Attentive
Get Crossloved
Getting to be Childlike
Getting Prepared
Getting Serious
Getting Real
What You Have
Letting God Out of the Box

February - April 2020

The Two A's of Living This
Abandoned Dependence is Being Prepared
What Test
Always Prepared 5 - Who's on First
Always Prepared 6 - Choose Wisely
Always Prepared 7 - God's Principles of

Nov 2019 - January 2020